How long do leggings last?

How Long Do Leggings Last? How to Make Yours Last Longer?

You know that favorite pair of leggings in your closet? The ones that fit just right, making you feel unstoppable whether you’re hitting the gym or just lounging at home.

They’ve seamlessly blended into our daily lives, offering unparalleled comfort. But have you ever wondered, “Why don’t my leggings last as long as I expect them to?” or “How long do leggings last, especially those premium pairs?”

Many of us question the longevity of our beloved leggings. In this post, we’ll dive deep into understanding the lifespan of leggings, reasons they might wear out sooner than expected, and share tips on how to extend their life.

How Long Do Leggings Last?

On average, leggings last between one to two years with regular wear and proper care. However, the lifespan can vary based on factors like material quality, frequency of use, and care practices. Investing in high-quality leggings and following care instructions can extend their life beyond a year.

Understanding Leggings Lifespan: Insights from Lululemon Users

While many factors influence their durability, real-life experiences can offer invaluable insights. A discussion on Reddit centered around the lifespan of leggings, with many participants sharing their experiences specifically with Lululemon leggings:

  • Years of Wear: Some leggings enthusiasts have pairs that have gracefully aged, lasting almost a decade. Others observed that after 6-7 years, while the leggings might lose some of their initial stretch, they’re still very much in the game.
  • Material’s Role: The type of material can play a significant role in longevity. For instance, Luxtreme leggings received accolades for enduring constant wear over the years. In contrast, materials like Luon might show signs of wear a bit quicker but remain quite wearable.
  • Care Counts: The way you treat your leggings can make or break their lifespan. One user’s meticulous care saw their leggings going strong for over a decade. Yet, another’s lack of proper care led to visible wear and tear in just a year or two.
  • Usage Patterns: The frequency of wear matters. Some leggings have seen about 4 years of almost weekly wear and multiple washes. But remember, not adhering to care instructions can cut their life short.
  • Evolving Quality Over Time: While many users praise the longevity of their older Lululemon items, it’s crucial to understand that product quality can change. Shifts in manufacturing, cost-cutting measures, and other factors can affect the durability of newer items. So, a Lululemon product bought today might differ in quality from one purchased years ago.

These shared experiences shed light on the general lifespan of leggings, with Lululemon serving as a specific example in the discussion.

Factors Determining the Lifespan of Leggings

The durability of your leggings isn’t solely determined by how often you wear them. A myriad of factors influence their longevity:

Material Composition

Different materials offer varied lifespans. While cotton leggings might feel incredibly soft, they may not last as long as those crafted from performance fabrics like nylon or polyester. These shiny, smooth materials are not only more resistant to chafing but also generally more durable.

Frequency of Use

How often you wear your leggings plays a big role in their longevity. While they’re designed for a range of activities, from workouts to casual outings, consistent and intense use can wear them out faster. Additionally, it’s wise to be cautious about exposing them to rough surfaces or sharp objects, as these can cause damage and reduce their lifespan.

Fit and Size Fluctuations

A well-fitted pair of leggings will naturally last longer. If they’re improperly sized from the start or if you experience weight fluctuations that alter the fit, it can affect their lifespan.

Quality and Brand

Not all leggings are made equal. Some brands, like Lululemon, emphasize quality. However, even with top-tier brands, manufacturing errors can occur. In such cases, many brands offer quality promises or guarantees to ensure customer satisfaction.

Washing and Care

The way you care for your leggings plays a pivotal role in their durability. Harsh detergents, hot water, and frequent washing can reduce their lifespan.

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Signs Your Leggings Are Wearing Out

Knowing when your leggings are on their last leg (pun intended!) can save you from an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. Here’s what to watch out for:

Thinning Material

If your leggings start to become more transparent, revealing more skin than they used to, it’s a clear indication that the material is thinning, and they’ve seen better days.

Loss of Elasticity

Leggings that have lost their snug fit, especially around the knees or waist, need a replacement. Over time, due to washing and regular use, they can become too stretchy, losing their original shape.

Fading Colors

When the vibrant colors of your leggings start to look washed out or your once jet-black pair turns gray, it’s a sign of wear and tear.

Stitches Coming Out

Loose threads or stitches are not just cosmetic issues. They indicate that the structural integrity of your leggings is compromised.

Persistent Odors

Even after a thorough wash, if your leggings retain a sweaty odor, it’s a sign that they’ve absorbed too much over their lifespan and it might be time for a new pair.

Physical Discomfort

If you start to feel discomfort or lack of support while wearing your leggings, trust your body’s signals. It’s an indication that they’re not performing their function as effectively as they once did.

Age of the Leggings

Every piece of activewear has an ideal lifespan. For leggings, it’s typically around 2 years. If you’ve had yours for this duration or longer, consider evaluating them for other signs of wear.

Lack of Confidence in Wearing Them

If you find yourself hesitating or feeling uneasy about wearing a particular pair of leggings, it might be due to visible wear, discoloration, or just a general feeling that they don’t serve your needs anymore. Trust your instincts.

Tips to Make Your Leggings Last Longer

Taking care of your leggings can significantly extend their lifespan. Here are some expert-backed tips to ensure they stay in top shape:

  • Invest in Quality: Not all leggings are created equal. The fabric composition, such as Spandex, Polyester, or Nylon, plays a crucial role in their durability. Remember, not all spandex or polyester materials are of the same quality. By investing in high-quality leggings, you ensure they maintain their technical qualities even with regular washing.
  • Wash Smartly: While it’s common advice to wash leggings only when necessary, it’s also essential to know how to wash them properly. Turn them inside out to reduce discoloration and avoid damage from other heavier fabrics. Use cold water and avoid fabric softeners, which can harm the material.
  • Drying Matters: Tumble dryers can be harsh on the technical fibers of leggings. Instead, air dry them flat, away from direct sunlight. This method preserves the leggings’ elasticity and compression qualities.
  • Storage Tips: Store your leggings by either folding them neatly or hanging them. This prevents them from getting stretched out or damaged.
  • Avoid Rough Surfaces: Be cautious about where you sit or what activities you do in your leggings. Rough surfaces can cause snags, tears, or pilling.
  • Rotate Your Collection: Don’t wear the same pair every day. Rotating between different leggings ensures even wear and tear, extending the life of each pair.
  • Mind the Detergent: You don’t need a lot of detergent to clean your leggings effectively. Overloading can leave residues that trap bacteria and produce odors. Follow these proper legging cleaning techniques to ensure longevity.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your favorite leggings for years to come, ensuring they remain as vibrant and comfortable as the day you bought them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s address some of the most common questions about leggings, from their lifespan to care tips.

How often do you replace leggings?

The frequency of replacing leggings varies based on their quality, how often they’re worn, and how they’re cared for. Typically, with regular use and proper care, a good quality pair of leggings can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years before needing replacement. However, if you notice signs of wear like thinning material, loss of elasticity, or fading colors, it might be time to consider getting a new pair.

How many years do leggings last?

Leggings can last anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on their quality and how they’re treated. High-quality leggings that are well-taken care of can last up to 2-3 years, while cheaper or frequently worn pairs might only last a few months to a year.

Do leggings wear out?

Yes, like all clothing items, leggings do wear out over time. Factors contributing to wear include the material’s quality, frequency of use, exposure to rough surfaces, and washing methods. Common signs of wear include thinning of the material, fading colors, loss of elasticity, and stitches coming out.

How many times do you wear leggings before washing them?

The number of times you can wear leggings before washing them depends on the activity level and personal preference. If you’ve had a light day with minimal sweating, you might choose to wear them 2-3 times before washing.

However, if you’ve had an intense workout or they’ve become dirty, it’s best to wash them after each wear. Always follow the care instructions on the label to maintain the leggings’ quality and longevity.


In the world of fashion, leggings have secured their spot as a versatile and beloved staple. The question, “How long do leggings last?” isn’t just about the fabric or brand—it’s about the care, use, and love we give them.

By investing in quality, practicing proper care, and being mindful of their wear, we can significantly extend their lifespan. So, the next time you slip into your favorite pair, remember these tips and ensure they remain a cherished part of your wardrobe for years to come.

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